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Alex Hormozi and Leila Hormozi holding $100M Leads Book and showing its overview to the audience

If you’ve read Alex Hormozi’s $100 Million Offers book, you’ve probably heard of his $100 Million Leads book.

I am sure you have read his $100 Million Offers book or watched, read, or heard the gist of it somewhere from YouTube, a blog, or a podcast.

After reading “$100M Offers,” you became a raving fan of Alex Hormozi, eagerly waiting for the release of his new book, “$100M Leads,” for quite some time.

Not only you, but everyone was literally waiting for its release date or launch date.

Finally, the book has been launched and now it is available on Amazon.

However, more importantly, did you miss the launch event?

If yes, then you should have not missed that. Anyway, the good news is that you can still watch the video on Alex’s YouTube channel. It is still there.

Alex launched $100M Leads on August 19 during the $100M Leads Live Event.

But wait…

There’s one more important piece of information related to the book: it has already sold thousands of copies from Acquisition.com. I purchased one physical copy and one Kindle copy (because the physical one will take time to be delivered to me).

I have read sections one and two. I have discovered the minute details Alex covers in the book, which truly elevate the book’s value to that of a $100M-caliber work.

I can’t share all the learnings from the book here in my post, because it represents his 4 years of hard work. He invested his time, money, and energy.

However, I will share a glimpse of the takeaways that I gained from the book.

Here I will drop the link to the video summary. (once I am done)

Grab the Kindle version of “$100M Leads” now!

Grab the Physical version of “$100M Leads” now!

So, now let’s discuss what I have learned from section 1 and section 2 of the $100M Leads book.

Section 1: How Alex Got Here and What Problem $100M Leads Solves

Starting with the section I understand that this book is a guide to make strangers engage leads**, get quality leads, and motivate them to buy.

$100M Leads Book Summary: Alex Hormozi

“The $100M Offer” — In his first book, he says to make offers so good that no one can say “no”.

Once you have an offer, you need leads.

But how do you get leads?

Easy. with advertising.

Alex brings you “$100M Leads” to give you the solution. This book is about Leeds and their journey from strangers to buyers.

Alex shares his early business journey. His gym business was in trouble, but he planned to sell fitness programs online, and it did well. Along with Leela, he changed and improved the commercials. As a result, they make thousands of dollars.

They needed $150,000 to cover losses and debts. So they started licensing their Gym Launch System to other gym owners. With this method, he recovered his money very fast and also made huge profits.

Then, Alex talks about lead problems: the need for leads. More Leads, More Business.

He suggests giving away freebies to build trust and eventually lead to engagement. He builds trust by offering free books and courses.

Acquisition.com is their thing, offers better free content than other paid ones. He seeks people’s trust, helps people, and does business all over the world.

Section 2: Get Understanding

“Get Understanding” part. It talks about making ads aligned with business goals.

Important points here:

Understanding Leads:
Alex talks about what a lead is. Is it a click, phone number, or someone to talk to?

Words matter, they make thoughts.

Alex’s answer: A lead is someone to talk to. But better is an engaged lead — someone really interested.

Engaged Leads:
Engaged leads are key in good ads. They want to buy. The book isn’t titled “Engaged Leads,” but it’s what it’s about.

Leads to Engage:
How make leads interested? The book says how:

Webinar Thing: (Wrong method to engage leads)
Alex has experience with webinars, and according to him, it’s complex. Instead, he says, case studies are better to engage leads.

Lead Magnets: (Right One)
Alex says about “lead magnets,” good stuff for leads. Like a preview of the main thing, but it solves a problem.

Core Offer vs. Lead Magnet:
Advertise the main thing (Core Offer) or Lead Magnet? Alex says lead magnet, like salty pretzels before drinking.

Make Good Lead Magnets:
Alex gives steps:

  • Step 1: Find a problem and audience.
  • Step 2: Fix it.
  • Step 3: Share it.
  • Step 4: Try names.
  • Step 5: Make it easy.
  • Step 6: Give lots.
  • Step 7: Say what’s next.

Do these steps, and lead magnets get leads and make them like you. Good start for customers.

The basic overview of the book is that it will cover some of the main topics given below:

  1. Lead Definition
  2. Engaged Leads
  3. The Core Four
    a. Reaching Familiar People
    b. Public Posting
    c. Reaching Strangers
    d. Running Paid Ads
  4. Maximizing Core Four
    a. Overcoming Constraints
    b. Finding Advertising Constraints
  5. The Four Lead Getters
    a. Customer Referrals
    b. Employee Scaling
    c. Agency Skills
    d. Affiliate Integration
  6. Real World Advertising
    a. Rule of 100 and Open to Goal
    b. One-Page Advertising Plan
  7. Levels of Advertisers
    a. $100M Leads Machine
Alex Hormozi: $100M Leads Book Overview

So I hope you have got an idea of what this book will throw light on. This book is one of the best that will ever be written about leads.

Before I end this post, let me leave links to the $100M Leads Book in every format possible.

When you buy a physical copy of the book from Acquisition.com, you not only get the book but also many other bonuses. Bonuses include $100M Leads Course, $100M Journal, $100M Leads Book Podcast, $100M Leads Drawings, and Videos.

Here is the link to get the book from Amazon: Physical Copy

Here is the link to the Kindle Version of $100M Leads: Grab the Kindle version of “$100M Leads” now!

That is all. Happy reading.



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